preppy pink chair

ok so before the 4th of july, mr prk and i ran to target to get some things and i found the outdoor section of the store and fell in love with the pink coolers and the pink folding chairs!  i ended up not buying the cooler because we already have enough, but i bought the pink folding chair for only $8.99!  when i got it home, i took a good look at it and thought about how i could make it preppier.  i got out the whole puncher and navy blue and white polka dot ribbon and made it into this:
i got so many compliments and i am planning on going back to get a couple more!  i also picked up some great pink and green cups to have for the summer!  i bought these preppy little ribbon tumblers last summer at tjmaxx ... love them.  
i had fun decorating for the 4th of the July ... and baking! 
here are some pictures of what we did...


we got all dressed in red, white and blue!

i'm so excited for bachelorette tonight!  i love ed and reid.  i wonder who she will pick!?!  


back from the bahama mamas...

i spent the last week at the atlantis resort in the bahamas ... wow.  

it was my first time there and i couldn't believe how big it was.  the resort is only 10 years old and it has everything you could possibly need to have the perfect "caribbean getaway".  i went with my good friends family and i actually went as the "nanny" for the 2 young children.  i really enjoyed being with their family, but came back knowing that i would like to go on a few more vacays with just me and mr. prk before adding little prk's in the mix.  its a lot of work to bring kids on vacatioN!  they had a 4 year old and a 5 month old.  i LOVE children and i can't wait to be a mom ... but in time.  we spent every day in the sun and every night at a new luxurious restaurant.  i loved NOBU ... so yummy!  it was so wonderful being with my friend, allison, because it is so hard to see friends now that we are all in the "real world".  
this is what we woke up to every day from our room ... gorgeous!

  this is the 4 year old who i got to spend a lot of time with ... 


he sure was a handful at times, but an adorable handful.  he had the most beautiful blue eyes ever.  his baby brother was just as cute.  their whole family was brunette, so i definitely stuck out with my blonde hair.  after drying my hair one night, the little boy said, "woah! why do you have WHITE hair?!?" ... very cute.  

mr. prk and i are trying to think of a fun getaway before he leaves on deployment at the end of the year ... any suggestions?!


beauty day!

well it is another rainy day in maine ... 
i am off to get my hair done in portland, which is so exciting, but i'm nervous at the same time!  its never easy going to someone new for your hair when you are used to someone else.  while working at j.crew, a girl with an adooorable haircut and the perfect blonde color came in, and i got the name of her stylist and my appointment is today at 3:30!  i used to go for the "kelly ripa look" then i went for the "jessica simpson look" and now i am going for the "reese witherspoon look" ... i love all of their colors.  i had bangs cut in february, but i am already over them and i have been growing my hair out since i got engaged, so i think i am going to get my hair shorter.  i want to get a cut like this, but a little bit longer ... 
she is so adorable.  i am so glad i was able to get an appointment before heading to the bahama's on monday!  yay!  speaking of the bahama's .. i got some great shorts at j.crew outlet yesterday!  they are having awesome sales right now ... i strongly suggest heading over to a store near you!  4th of july sales are always the best!  ok i am off to get stuff done before my appointment! have a good day!